4 Replies to “Huge Cyst Explosion and Sack Removal

  1. What kind of medical doctor makes a mess like that? The cure, in this case, is worse than the cyst itself! Whoever he is, he is a barbarian and really should find another line of work.

  2. I couldn’t finish watching this… this Dr was so rough… I felt very sorry for the patient … he was picking at this persons skin so harshly the bruising after would have been crazy.. I’ve watched many of these procedures and this one is not professional in my my opinion 😢

  3. I have never seen such butchering by a doctor in my life!!! There was no need to haul and pull and pull at the sacs of the cysts. There IS a more efficient way of doing it. I am surprised that this doctor did not know the technique. He should not be doing surgeries like this if he is this incompetent.

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